Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ann's Birthday and a doll question

Tomorrow would have been Ann's birthday, had she lived past the first of Feb. this year. We had a whole line of goofy jokes about my being an Older friend, (by six months) and Ann's alleged "lack of proper respect for her elders" When the jokes about my ancientry (don't know if that's a word, but it should be, I like it.) got too ridiculous, I'd just tell Ann she was rolling down the same hill as me! But no more. No figuring out what Ann would like for her birthday, more paints o art supplies, David Gray (or Grey, I'm not sure) music? A book about faces, of paintings, and where would she like to eat? A steak, an Indian Restaurant in Springfield, is there Really a good fish place, (Ann grew up in N.E. Indiana and had access to Great Lakes fish.

No more. I will get physically older without her, and my birthday will never be the same either.

I have a piece of Peshawari (hope I spelled it right) nan bread. Tomorrow I will scatter it outside for animals to eat in Ann's name. Something she loved but had to stop eating, due to both diabetes and Celiac disease.

This is a difficult week. I can't sleep unless I take a Valerian Root capsule at night. Then it is SO hard to get up! Things like coffee which I love, or spices, burn my stomach. I feel Heavy! But it's all part of the process, I know. Don't know if I'll write tomorrow.

So on to a doll question. I am Dellighted that all of those Kiras Now have the Option of dating a Japanese or Japanese-American man! Finally! Thank you for telling us about this, Phily Collector.

My question is this: What doll or dolls have the most unusual and yet Believably Human Faces? I found a picture of the DOW. Japan Ken and was told yes, he Did look like a Japanese or Japanese-American man who worked out a lot. The unusual doll with the believable face can be male or female. As someone who searches for new faces, I'm just curious about what Pro collectors think.

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  1. Personally, I think the most believable faces are action figures which to me are still dolls. *smile*

    Enterbay and HotToys produce some of the most believable faces based on real people. They are about Barbie's size but they usually cost a lot so they remain in my wishlist. Haha.

    Other action figures are more affordable like the Power Team. They also have believable faces and a wide array of ethnicity. I think they are available in two sizes, sixth scale that is around Barbie's size and also in 18th scale.