Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weather, Occupy Movement, Dolls

This weather is Nuts! Monday it was 80. Last night there was frost and it was in the 30's! Burrrr! It's not that the temperature is so unbearably cold, it's just the Shock of the change and the North Wind.

When I talk with others about the "Occupy Wallstreet" movement they have all kinds of objections to it. They say, 1. The protesters don't have a universal agenda, 2. any time someone protests, there are people who Want to fight with the police. and 3. It won't get anywhere, so why give it time or energy?

I disagree. The agenda is quite diverse, as the damage large corporations have done and are doing is widespread. Who is the largest environmental polluter? It's Not households, it's Large corporations. Who makes nuclear weapons? Same answer. Who moves jobs overseas whenever they are given tax breaks, and who keeps paying obscene salaries and Bonuses to corporate CEO.'s, Even when the company is bailed out by the tax payers? Who profits most from wars and Who has paid lobyists and can afford to make huge campaign contributions? The Same entities, large, multi-national corporations.

As a doll collector I am part of the problem. Sometimes people who make dolls work in sweatshop conditions and dolls are made of rubber and plastics, which are usually petroleum byproducts. And the sacred Boxes dolls come in seem to account for at least Half of their value! The all mighty NRFB if continued, keeps me from enjoying any doll. But after a tornado rocked my house on its foundation, cracking the foundation, and the insurance company Refused to fix my home, all I could Do was snatch dolls as quickly as possible from the water streaming into the basement and recycle the saturated boxes, certificates of authenticity, stickers, and other paper items. So I still enjoy my dolls, but financially I have a nearly Worthless doll collection.

I bought that house in May and the tornado hit the next Jan., so I hadn't paid in much in terms of premiums. I went through the hassle, with the Very kind help of Miss Alice, of documenting what dolls I had and their market value, for Nothing. If they wouldn't fix my home, the insurance company, with its Tripple A rating Certainly wouldn't cover damage to Dolls.

So I got interested in doll rehab., a good thing. I bought up dolls with ratty hair I could fix, faded eyes, and dirt. I do not know how to reroot hair or make wigs, so I avoid those dolls.

I can sell them for less, hopefully, after making nice bright unusual clothing for them, and poorer people will have an option for buying a nice, though not New doll for their kids. So a big corporation got me into some recycling, but should I thank them since I lost my home?

There is a Buddhist saying, "If you want peace, BE peace." Ann and I, after many months of struggle, came to the conclusion that we would rather let that house go back to the bank, than continue being ill from the constant mold wafting up through the heat vents, and our efforts to kill it. I only have one and a half lungs, due to a childhood illness. When we had both made up our minds, that is what we did.

I've thought about buying renter's insurance here. But could I trust them to pay? Do any of you rent and have renter's insurance covering your doll collections?

Hey, I go a look at the Japan DOW Ken. I like long hair on guys, so long as it's clean. He obviously works out, but he has a waist and a nice, Non-Kira face. He's kind of a foxx, dare I call a male a fox? They do come in two sexes, you know.

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