Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Check Out This Story, Please

I cannot seem to get the link to yesterday's report on Federal funds incentivizing the removal of Native American children from their homes. But it aired yesterday on (Oct. 25th,) on the program "All Things Considered." The Indian Center in Springfield, Mo. has Lost the excelent social worker who was supposed to Protect Native kids in foster care, under the provisions of the Federal law known as the "Indian Child Welfare Act" passed in the late 1970's, I think. The funding cuts which took away the social worker's position did Not occur due to the banking bail-out or the housing market crash. They happened Before all of that. So what is described as happening in S. Dakota is most likely Also happening in other states, Especially Poor ones or those states hit hardest by Recent bad economic conditions. These may include: New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Michigan, New York, and other states (Oklahoma and California too) which have significant numbers of enroled Native Americans. States which behave as S. Dakota does are Trading Native kids' lives for money, State Revenue, given by the Federal Government. Obscene! Please check out this story.

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