Sunday, October 2, 2011

Emotionally Tiring Day and Questions

Today a friend of Ann's and mine came over to bring back the art work Ann had created. She protected it for me during my move here which is a Good Thing, because it Wasn't damaged.

I got to know this person when we both volunteered at President Obama's campaign office. Ann painted with her, (each doing their own work) about once a week.

Since Ann's death this amazing lady, in her eighties, has sorted through All of Ann's art work, and has gotten five pieces hung at a local art gallery. This sorting was a Major job, as Ann made over hundreds of sketches, paper cuttings, drawings, and paintings, both in oils and water color. There are more pieces which Were in the same gallery, but the economy is Not helping art sales, as those of you creating dolls and/or doll clothing already know.

We went through some paintings my friend was not sure what to do about, then I brought out one notebook which contained something flat, I didn't know if it held pictures or what. It didn't. It was a journal from a difficult time in Ann's life and very private. My friend started crying and I wished I could. But tears don't fall, even when I feel crushed inside. Ann's friend and I agreed the journal shouldn't be shared with anyone, but destroyed. My friend cried, "but it's like throwing away Ann!" and though I said, "No, you can't do that, not Possible" meaning No one can throw away Ann's spirit, it is too big and Alive, I knew how Ann's friend felt. I hated even throwing away bits of never completed sketches, where one couldn't tell what was intended. So, I took the notebook and laid it in the nicest room in the house, also a private place, to be shreded, as it was full of names and dates. I agreed with my friend that I too, didn't wish to read more. As she said, it was too sad. Also, for me, there was the knowledge that it was Past, that Ann Wasn't suffering these things now.

I brought in Ann's work, and will Have to find some info. about how to sell paintings safely online, so that they are not just Copied. Do any of you have ideas as to where my research should start?

I felt very tired after our visit of several hours, and still feel like crying, but it Was very good to see my friend in person, to be able to hug her, instead of just talking via my amplified phone, which didn't always amplify Enough to catch all that she said.

New subject: According to "A Phily Collector" Oct. is Hispanic Heritage month. Cool. In Missouri, I am informed it is also "Disability Awareness and History Month". Ok, but on our local campus of the state university there used to be a powwow which lasted a couple of days, drawing Native people from the "four state area" of Mo., Ks, Ok, and Ar. This has been canceled, to benefit sports programs instead. So When was Native American Heritage month again? Sorry, we're not gone Yet!

Can you tell I'm annoyed? I can see Native American and Hispanic or Latino Heritage Month being the same. To be clear about terms, there are American Indians who are also Latino, African American, European American, and probably Asian American too. But why did the Native American event get canceled? It drew tribal members from a much wider area than the four states to enter dance competitions.

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  1. I wonder why your friend Ann wrote the journal. Did she mean for it to be shared or was it just a way for her to make it through to the next day? I guess it would be hard to know. When I was diagnosed, I started telling my story on line. A lot of people choose to keep all the bad stuff to themselves. I personally believe we go through trials and tribulations to help and teach others, too. Through my illness, and the way I have handled it, I have had too many people to count say how my sharing with them has changed their life. Now I feel the illness had a purpose. I knew it did all along. Your challenges and how you have handled them has touched a lot of lives. More lives than you are even aware of. I didn't read the journal, so maybe it was meant to be shredded. But I wonder...