Saturday, October 29, 2011

What's With the Zombi Craze? Deer Hunting,

The Mo. Dept. of Conservation has created a guide on zambee detection and defense, for those who are outdoors. I don't think human beings who are convinced that They are zambees, as has happened in Haiti in the past is One Bit Funny. It is slavery!

But when a new bizarre fad like vampires and now zambees comes along in the U.S. does it mean anything? Personally, I don't like either vampire or zambee lore and movies. I find real life scary enough.

But last night on the BBC there was a conference at a University in England, supposedly attempting to find out Why zambees are a big deal. It didn't sound like they came up with any conclusions. Are there already Zambee Dolls? Yuck!

Does anyone Get It?

Anyway, the Conservation Dept. has broken with tradition and put up this very creative web page.

Please Don't read it if you find the whole idea creepy or offensive. It is not obscene, but does have some pictures of zombis around a hunter in a deer stand.

About Deer Hunting.

Most people I have met from larger cities Hate deer hunting. What about the facts? I don't take pleasure in the death of deer, wild or domestic turkeys, or any other animal killed for food. But I am Very Grateful to be kept alive by their gift of life, which means their death.

We are stealing the habitat of deer and other free creatures. If no one hunted, they would slowly starve to death in Winter. I'm glad I am a renter, which means I'm not building a huge house in the woods, taking away more land and food plants for the free beings of the woods. If this is karma, I'm thankful for it.

I use to Hate deer hunting too. What I hated was: people who did not know the area coming down, shooting anything that moved, (people's dogs, cattle, deer too young to be legally hunted.) and getting drunk, posing a danger to Everyone in the country. The Conservation Dept. has worked on this with a good deal of success. Now hunters usually Do wear Something orange, (usually a hat) so they don't shoot other hunters. There is Very Little killing of deer and just taking antlers, another thing I think is Imoral.

Lots of people still have to keep a much closer eye on their dogs and livestock during deer season, but through education, the situation has improved.

If a hunter kills a deer and doesn't want the meat, local food banks are Delighted to get it. This gift from the deer keeps a lot of people from small towns and cities alive during Winter.

I am friends with a couple who hunt Legally on the acreage attached to their farm. They buy tags, with enables the Dept. of Conservation to continue its education efforts and work to Protect the free animal populations.

Ann and I used to thankfully eat the meat of one deer a year. This year I have extra meat which I am sharing and will share with local people who need help with food.

I ask my friends, when they shoot a deer which will give me life to go to that deer and pray. I ask them to thank the deer for it's gift of life to those who need the meat. They do this because they know I'm serious about it.

As soon as they can, they call me to let me know we, or I have a deer. The first thing I do after thanking them for hunting for me and other disabled and elderly people and getting off of the phone is pray. I also thank the spirit of the deer and tell that spirit I will not waste the sacrifice it has made. I pray that this spirit will never suffer from hunting and being shot again. When I pay for the processed meat of the deer and take it home, I always lay my hands on some unwrapped meat (to remind myself that this once was a free being and to show that I'm not too proud to touch the food I am given) and I repeat my earlier prayer.

I feel sad at the death of a deer, but I am also Very Happy that I will have some meat to eat and to Share through the hard times of Winter.

People who come to retire here (and often build megahouses) start by scorning those who hunt. But if they get out of their own circles of frinds to see some of the poverty that is here, the lack of decent jobs, how the deer meat is shared, sometimes they come to understand. I hope that you will maybe understand that hunting doesn't Have to be gratuitous killing.
Each deer season I say a prayer that "if it is meant to be," I will have a deer to share and eat from. My friends are very careful hunters who won't kill the young deer. And once in a while it is Not meant to be. I'm not sure what to do this year. Since Ann died last Feb. (doesn't seem possible) and I don't need as much meat protein as she did, (she was diabetic and deer is Very lean meat) I still Have deer meat. But there are a Lot of hungry people around, in this economy, it would be Good to give them food. So I don't know whether to ask my friends to hunt a deer for me or not.

My spelling of Zombi is wrong, I found that out from the link above. But my spell check Won't work with Blogger, so I can't correct it, sorry.

Woops, I did it again, put a word Not Allowed in Labels, "yuck"! Is thi another case of "Damn You Autocorrect" or is Yuck really so Offensive? Sometimes I begin to think I live in a book banning town, only its a Virtual town called Blogger.

And author Eli Perrizer is right, since I look up dolls via Goofball, (Google) my political views were Assumed and when I tried to access a particular type of website on a political issue, it couldn't be found! All that turned up in my results were websites with the Opposing view to mine on the issue. I had to State my political opinion in the Searchbox to get Other websited. So, if you play with dolls, Goofball thinks it knows All About you! Ridiculous!

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  1. Z-O-M-B-I-E. I think the whole zombie craze started years ago with the movie Shawn of the Dead. It was one of the first cult movies never intended to be scary, but rather funny. Since then more movies have come out like Zombieland. Since these movies, zombies don't really have a scary appeal to them and are almost laughable now. Yea, they are a bit gorey, but that's part of the whole zombie appeal.