Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ebay is a cheaper place to buy dolls? Since When? I can remember So many times hearing people, both in person and on TV say you get Real Bargains on Ebay. They advise to buy things with no picture, (no problem there) and fix them up, then resell. But it Doesn't seem to apply to Dolls!

Even when something Does have a picture I have found that when it's available it is usually cheaper on Amazon or Amazon Market Place. Of course, shipping charges have to be taken into account, but on Ebay some of the shipping charges are Much Worse than on Amazon! I only found one site where it is clearly stated, "I won't charge any more to ship this item than it costs to ship this item," and that site is out of business.

If you order dolls online, where do you go? It's obviously cheaper to drive to stores and buy dolls and/or their clothes and gear on sale or on clearance. But if you don't have that option, what do you do?

Does anyone want to offer suggestions for most reasonably priced online doll sites?


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