Monday, October 3, 2011

This is a Crock!

I just tried to leave a comment for D7ana about Rebelde Schoolgirl Dolls. I had an option to use "visual verification, "type the characters you see" NONE, OR "link, listen and type the characters you hear" All Right Blogger! I clicked on that "Link" by hitting the Enter key with brouse mode on and off.

I heard a two tone "bleep" Does anybody out there Know how to type the
Exact notes of a particular bleep into an edit box?

Isaac Asimov used to refer to such ridiculous things as "unprintable" and what I said was unprintable too.

Anybody want to bet Blogger Won't publish this post because the title has the word "Crock" in it? I gave up on my comment, then got caught for a minute or two in an unprintable loop where I was told to Keep Trying because I Hadn't typed in the right characters, Really? ok, BLEEEP!

I said I lke the Taylor doll because some of us are genetically Meant to be short, with shorter legs and a long torsoe. We were the same highth, but I was Always taller than Ann when sitting down.

I asked if the Rebelde Schoolgirl dolls had believable faces and heads or baloon heads? Last, I said thanks, I will try to find these dolls.

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  1. Hi T! Fortunately, Blogger did post this post. Crock isn't a bad word by them.

    Taylor has a shorter torso but her legs are shorter, too. I think her head is a little big for her body. Just my opinion. It's not too big like the My Scene or Bratz.

    The Rebelde Schoolgirls also seem to have a slightly larger head ... compared to the rest of their bodies. Their faces are believable - they are regular Barbie faces:

    Lupita has the Teresa face
    Mia has a Barbie face
    Roberta has a Drew/Ana face

    The boy Rebelde dolls have Ken faces.

    I'll look for your comment - I have not seen it yet. Thanks for visiting - big grin.