Friday, October 14, 2011

I did it, and a Military Intervention I Could Support

First, I did do what I wanted in memory of Ann's birthday. I skulked along the trees in the yard and a Small space with a bit of privacy fence. I was able to sing, once back inside the the house, a thing which, except for the blues tape, I have been unable to do since Ann died. It was a gratitude song!

On NPR tonight it seems that President Obama has authorized 100 military advisors to aidin the capture of the leader and top officials in the "Lord's Resistance Army." When little children must creep nightly into city centers, trying to avoid this group which for 20 years has abducted them, using the boys as soldiers ad the girls as servants and sexual slaves to soldiers, I agree with the President. This particular group is known for sending child soldiers, under threat of death and mutilation, back to their home villages to murder their own familis. Some children have run away from villages where the LRA was near, to live as street kids of eight years and up, in cities, so they Won't be kidnapped.

One Problem though, am I forgetting or didn't our intervention in El Salvador and Nicaragua start with "military advisors?" The LRA covers a large area of several African countries, though they are said to be few in number. We Cannot commit to participation in Another war, and I hope this situation isn't for corporate profit from the Democratic Republic of the Congo's rich natural resources. That country too, has suffered gross human rights violations by the LRA.

The people of Northern Uganda live where the LRA started andhave suffered longest from the horrors they perpetrate. Yet They have a sacred ceremony oof forgiveness, which once performed with a former child soldier from their family and village, allows that person to rejoin in their community life. I honor and am humbled by the spiritual power of those who can live this much forgiveness. There is a news story covered by the BBC which I'll never forget!

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