Friday, October 14, 2011

Ann's Birthday and "Minority Princess Series" dolls

It is so Hard to do what Buddhism teaches us to do with painful feelings, neither to run from or supress them, nor to "ramp them up" making them stronger and wallowing in them. My problem is trying Not to run away from emotional pain via pleasant distractions, eating, walking, reading, doll greeding (wish listings).

Yesterday was no exception, it was hard. I distracted myself more than I wish I had, but I Did get through the day. Not looking forward to Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

I found out there is No Privacy in my yard, Anywhere! No, I wasn't streaking.

It is a Buddhist custom at times, (I was going to do it because I Wanted to) to sit with a person's favorite food, thinking of them. Then to take it outside and donate it in that person's name. The animals will eat it.

When Ann and I shared another address, there was a part of the yard screened by a neighbor's privacy fence. I went there to do ceremonial things. Thiis is, for the most part a Very Christian, mostly strict Protestant, area of the country. So I always try to do anything Not particularly Christian in Private.
Why don't I live in the country? I wish I could! But I am totally blind, more than %500 deaf now, and I don't feel safe in a town. Even from a very small town, it is hard to get transport to Dr.'s etc.

So, I will just have to go out in my yard and do what I need to do anyway. I guess people can Just get over it. I'm not harming anyone and not putting out food, such as the sweetener xylotol (pronounced zylatol) which is dangerous to dogs, or chocolate, which can kill birds. Still, it is difficult to belong to a religious minority which is quite misunderstood by mot people. And as Buddhism is not a missionary religion, with the exception of one group, I don't go around arguing with Christians and trying to explain anything.

New subject: One part of my distraction last night was to look at dolls via the internet. I went to and looked (listened to a description of) a new series called the "Minority Princess Series". At the moment, it has three dolls. They are Mongolian, Dong, and Tibetan/Zang. Their clothing is interesting and each wears different clothing. Some of you might be interested, as I was.

But when a friend visually inspected them for me today, she was fascinated by their clothing, but their faces were done in the Aname style, though each had a differing face. They are $18.95 each, and that site has decent shipping rates.

I decided not to get them, as my sighted doll inspector said none of their faces looked real. As many different peoples live in China, India, Burma or Meinmar, and many other nations, African nations as well, Why don's doll makers stop being lazy and Show some of these beautiful differences? For a blind person, companies' laziness about accurate faces is equivalent to having only one color for all dolls, or maybe two shades of skin tone. I guess their are blind people who collect dolls for clothing, just like some sighted collectors. I just happen to want dolls which Teach me something about my fellow human relatives (all people) which I cannot learn on my own. Anyway, some of you might enjoy checking them out, I hope so.

Thanks to the peson who wrote about most believable doll faces. I agree, 12 inch action figures are dolls by another name. My doll inspector looked at some Power Team guys and said they look like real men. She wasn't interested in looking for female dolls. Do the Jetti (must be spelling it wrong, can't get the comuter to say it right) from Star ars look human?

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  1. Aname would be spelled a-n-i-m-e (anime). Another style that is similar to anime is manga (m-a-n-g-a). Which is an Asian comic book.

    I found some star wars Jedi dolls at a Windy City Dolls website. Looking at them, they do look A LOT like the actors. the only disappointing feature I found is that they have plastic hair, but I could be wrong! Here's the website:

    I did find a very interesting website that belongs to a person that makes doll clothes for the Star Wars line ( or she has info on photos people have sent in of their own designs.