Monday, October 24, 2011

Was sewing all day yesterday Only to find out I used the Wrong color of thread! ANNOYING! Kind of like the time I typed a multi-page college term paper with the wrettched machine on Stencil. Lots of blank pages. Guess that tells you how old I am. With computers the problem is knowing when the printer is Out or Running out of ink. Just like Roseann Roseanna Danna said, "It's always something!"

Can "Big Foot Barbies stand up?" Probably not. The term sounds funny though, like on a talk radio show that's always reporting sightings of "Big Foot". I wonder if anyone's ever sighted Big Foot Barbie wandering around in the woods? I suppose she's not effected by misquito bites, plastic only bubbles that way when exposed to heat.

Another question, are there any fashion dolls with black straight or only slightly wavy hair and fairly light skin? I look for dolls which look like me, not to be found. All of the dolls with dark hair and eyes are African American, Kiras, and once in a while, Latino. But there are a lot of people here who are Native enough to have dark hair and eyes, but fairly light skin and I've never seen a doll like that. It must be a regional thing, because I have met people from other places whose parents or grandparents came from Poland or other countries in Eastern Europe who have heavy dark hair and yet are not people of color. Are there Polish or Bulgarian looking dolls somewhere in Chicago or Phily, fo that matter? Some Latinos here have Native heritage and fairly light skin as well.

Do other doll collectors look for dolls which at least vaguely resemble themselves? I would think that probably no one finds them, because we, like other creatures on Earth are each unique. Just wondering.

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  1. Barbie and Barbie-type dolls with fair complexions and dark brown or black hair? Yes, there are some dolls with that coloring. I will skip over any Jenny dolls because I think you mentioned that the huge eye wells were creepy.

    There are a few Mackie-faced Barbie that are dark brunettes. Would you prefer bang or fringe in front or center part or side part for the hair?

    Finding dolls that look like ourselves sounds fun.