Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sent to me by a friend who is Cherokee, Shawne, and Navajo, as well as Germane

I found this looking into more of the foster care situation. I don't know if you
heard of the little girl named Naomi Whitecrow. I've attached the article from
where a petition was started for her.
Naomi Whitecrow, a 2-year old Native American Child who belonged to The Cheyenne/Arapaho
Tribes was murdered by her 2nd foster parent, Amy L. Holder at a rural Logan County
residence on January 20, 2009. Amy Holder, an Edmond woman, was found guilty of Naomi's
death and the jury's recommendation was a $5000.00 fine for this offense. Naomi's
1st foster mother, Alicia Taylor testified at the trial of Amy L. Holder. This is
a gross miscarriage of justice.
The Logan County jury spared Amy Holder from jail, but there are serious questions
the Department of Human Services has failed to answer over the foster mother's record.
Holder was arrested almost one year after Naomi's death.
The State Medical Examiner's Office
originally ruled Naomi's cause of death as undetermined and did not suspect foul
play. The OSBI later received a tip that the death was suspicious. Forensics experts
were called in to investigate and determined
the child died of BLUNT FORCE UNJURY to the head, abdomen and extremities.
By killing Naomi Mrs Holder took away a future life of a nation.
The Arapaho and Chayene nations demand this case is reopened and reviewed so that
equal justice prevails.
The minimum sentence for child manslaughter is 25 years.
This woman, Amy Holder got a $5,000 fine
and to go home - whereas to
shoot a deer
in the state of Alabama, incurs a
$10,000 fine. If you kill a baby
it is child manslaughter.
Under the Child Fostering Law
Indian children must be fostered out to native families.
We are demanding that the child fostering process in the case of Naomi is properly
We the people of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes, native Americans and friends around
the world are hereby demanding
Equal justice under the Law, equal respect for life regardless of race or colour
and Equal Rights under the Constitution.
Native American families deserve justice and the same rights to the service and protection
from law enforcement
in their towns, counties, and states.
- for the attention of the Governor Mary Fallin.
PLEASE CONTACT GOVERNOR FALLIN - by email "Governor Mary Fallin"
OR get your message to her by phone: (405) 521-2342
AND Let Her know your demands on Facebook:
WE URGE YOU - to contact Thomas E Perez, Assistant Attorney General, US Dept. of
Justice, he's the head of the civil rights division.
FINALLY PLEASE VISIT NAOMI´S PAGE on Facebook, give your support and share with your
family and friends. We need the the Governor and US Administration to know the World
is Watching - Together we must Stop this Ever Happening Again.
Thank you !

Years in jail for smoking marijuana, years in jail for stealing a TV and computer, against This! Story speaks for itself. Last paragraph written by Newby13

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