Friday, October 28, 2011

Apologies and Explanations

For anyone freaked out by a wolf with a turkey feather in its mouth, I wasn't glorifying animal cruelty. I grew up partly in the woods and All dog relatives, wild dog packs which formed from abandoned dogs, coyotes, foxes, hunted to eat. So it didn't seem out of place for me to portray a wolf who hunted for food.

I did not expect to hear the NPR story about Native kids being taken from home, and I Certainly didn't expect to get the E-mail about a Native child killed in foster care on the same day. I threw something lightweight and not At anything, after becoming angry at the NP
R story. Then after getting the E-mail I wanted to throw up.

I started this blog as therapy after Ann's death because we talked about everything. Had Ann been alive, we woujuld have discussed this. And yes, it is equally hideous when Any child is killed in foster "care". I wondered if, in Oklahoma, the death of an African American child would have been treated with equal carelessness, probably so, and the death of a severely disabled child as well. I was not trying to say that the death of a Native child was more important than the death of Any child of Any race or combination of races.

I used the blog as therapy, as I might have talked with Ann, who was European-American.

It was a depressing blog week, especially if, living in a city, hunting for food is an alien concept. I tried to lighten it by talking truthfully about my experiences with Ebay and Amazon, but those of you who are doll collectors probably already knew this info.

As a blind person growing up hearing derogatory things about my looks, dolls were one of the ways I used (with Ann's help) to try and sort out what I looked like to others who weren't related. I also thought the way a visual artist perceived skin tones was fascinating. If this offended anyone, I apologize. If no one is offended by my posts this week, thank you for your patience.

I like G.I. Joe figures. Once I took a "Navajo Code Talker" Joe to the Indian Center in Springfield, and you would have thought I brought diamonds and gold. Wish there were More positive role models like that. The Choctaw Nation serve the U.S. military in the same way during World War I. Wish they'd do a Choctaw Joe.

I'm Not knowledgeable about Joe's, but Like very much that African American soldiers, and European American soldiers, male and female, are represented. I'm saving up for the Japanese-American soldier, (don't know how to spell Nise, in Japanese pronunciation, correctly) again, I apologize.

I was glad they made a Vietnam War nurse, which I have.

Outside of Joe's as political symbols, I enjoy them as ""dolls" the articulation is great and for the females, they are more Human shaped than fashion dolls. There heads and faces are also usually well sculpted.

Last but not least, I found some old scraps of brown and white fur, made my wolf costume a tail. The white makes it look like I dragged it through someone's campfire, (made an ash of myself? (smile) or in the snow. But it's a fine thick long tail I will pin to the inside lining of my coat, which is part of the costume.

Have a great weekend.

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