Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Doll Store and Hobbit Dolls

I actually got to GO to a store with Toys, as in Dolls today! Man I wish I had Working eyeballs! They would have been scoping that place out at Lightning speed. (smiling) Maybe it's better I don't, I still Have a bank balance. The kind friend who took me was saying "I used to have dolls, now I wonder Why I liked them." So many thoughts came pouring out of my Head that I'm surprised we weren't Both inandated with those cartoon baloons full of thoughts I have heard described in print cartoons. Maybe we were, and my friend just pretended not to notice, who knows?

I almost never catch sales, because I can't Get there from here, and even if I could, I'd need help finding my way around those monster stores where displays are always being Moved to capture Your eyeballs.

I had a Terrible attack of the "wanna see what it looks like, open box now!!!! But managed to keep quiet. Whew!

I haven't been to a Doll selling isle in a couple of years. I am Very Thankful for my friend the doll inspector who is A, patient with me and B, an excelent describer. That is a rare talent. I always have questions like, "Is her/his face a believable one for where this doll is said to have come from? What color and kind of hair, (length, textured, curly or straight, length) and eyes, and skin tone, and facial expression? Dolls who aren't smiling big are hard to find. Is tthis doll a giand head for his/her body? I don't usually care about clothing, I can make that. What kind of feet, can he/she stand up, (never can tell, as feet are burried in box) and how tall is she/he?

Hey, why do they give All dolls but baby dolls such long legs and little bodies? And have you noticed how Low the knees are? I know that "beauties" or "hunks" are supposed to be paper thin and have long legs, big boobs, and long hair. But Some of us are just Born Short! I never met a Cherokee woman over five feet, five inches tall when I lived in Western Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma, and that lady was the exception. And Some of us were Given long "hobbit (one or two B's in that word, computer won't tell me) bodies." No, I wasn't insulted by the term, hobbits seem generally happy people who get along well with others. I Like hobbit-bodied dolls, makes me feel better, just like a beauty or hunk with dark eyes or hair. Blonde is beautiful on real humans, but so are brown, red, black, and all of the mixed shades of these colors.

So Up, Up, with hobbit bodies, I say, shorter legs with knees near the Middle, and strong tll trunks, like Trees!

Ann and I used to bug one another about this, she had very long legs but when we sat, I, yes, I, was taller. So there were lots of short people verses stork jokes floating around. Maybe that is why I like the High School Musical and Skipper dolls, except for the clone faces of the Skipper and friends. They are all Hobbits, like ME!

I remember asking Ann if Barbie's "Northwest Coast Native American doll" looked like the humans on the box. She said "Yes, they really do, except that she's taller than the rest." Of course, people belonging to some Northwest Coast Nations are tall, maany Native people are tall. But there are hobbits born among All of us, and I wish this could be seen in doll world. Personally, I like short wiry guys, sorry Ken, you just don't do it for me. Maybe that's why I like the Joey Benetardi (sorry dude) doll and Prince Menelek, by Olmec, he isn't short, but he has a waist, is thinner, plus a non-Ken face.

More than enough for now, HOBBITS, UNITE!

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  1. 1. I love to read your toy store visits. It is like being there with you.

    2. Applause for your hobbit body defense. Between your post and Vanessa's comments, I have decided to keep a few of my hobbit bodied dolls - and it is two "b"s.

    3. You have or had a Prince Menelek doll by Olmec. High five and congratulations. I don't think many people had Olmec dolls.